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Advanced Gold And Silver
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Advanced Gold And Silver
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HGBC is founded and administered by Dr. Aalima Shaikh Nowhera, a genius with unique ideas and a facilitator of Muslims. Dr. Aalima Shaikh Nowhera with her sheer vision and business intelligence has made our mark in every part of the country and abroad. The business decision-maker has free choice, but religious principles provide a framework for the appropriate exercise of that choice (Ali and Gibbs 1998).

Having thoroughly been exposed to business policies and functions from early age, Ms. Shaikh has successfully demonstrated that even a Muslim lady can prove to be a successful role model for the otherwise seemingly closed community. By developing stronger business and marketing acumen, Ms. Nowhera has taken Heera Group across the globe with branches and clients.

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HGBC is the world leading gold and silver bar traders, mainly focussing on the purity, and customer satisfaction. Our continuous commitment towards integrity, quality and initiative helps to build long term trade relation with our trade partners. Our company is managed by highly qualified and experienced team. HGBC offer Purity,Quality,Accuracy, Dependability and Honesty to all of its customers. We see big opportunities ahead and we are well positioned to get these opportunities with our remarkable set of strength and trust.

"Eventual success will depend on faith, at how long they can keep at it, despite the odds, without losing hope that eventually they will be rewarded. If you have that faith and that persistence, then go ahead."

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